1 in 8 borrowers have more than $50,000 in student debt
USA Today 7/1/2013
Over the past 10 years the cost of private college has jumped more than 60%, nearly three times as much as incomes over the same period, and will now set you back $42,000 a year on average. (Money magazine, September 2011. "Stop the Tuition Madness")
1.1 TRILLION Appproximate amount of outstanding student loan debt USA Today 7/1/2013
Thanks so much ! I appreciate it greatly ! (e mail from student who was notified of donation)
Awesome! Thanks for having this website, anything always helps! (e mail from student who just got a donation)
Average outstanding balance for a borrower with student loan debt $27,547 USA Today 7/1/2013
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About SLL
The StudentLoanList was designed to be a unique site for students to seek assistance in paying their student loan debt.
Students who register  with the StudentLoanList may have a chance to connect with an anonymous donor who can make a donation toward their school loan debt.

Many people make donations to various charities and hope that their money is used as they wished and intended. It is a well known fact that many charities have very high operating and fundraising budgets. The StudentLoanList provides donors a place to make donations with the satisfaction of knowing  that their money will be used exactly as they had wished, with their donation being used for a payment on the student loan debt of a student that they select.

The StudentLoanList was designed so that  the identity of the student as well as the donor may remain private and confidential. Students do not need to be embarrassed to list their debt as their identities are hidden. Donors can offer assistance without worrying that the student will contact them and ask for an additional sum of money.

Donors and students using the StudentLoanList should both keep in mind that the StudentLoanList desires to keep the identities of our members and site visitors confidential, but due to security risks associated with using the internet confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

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