Having trouble making your payments ? A recent study by the Institute for Higher Education Policy found that nearly two thirds of student borrowers have trouble making their monthly loan payments. (The Project on Student Debt, May 16, 2011)

Nearly 70% of bachelor’s degree recipients leave school with debt, according to the White House, and that could have major consequences for the economy. (Source MarketWatch 1/19/2016)
Awesome! Thanks for having this website, anything always helps! (email from student who just got a donation)
I am choosing to go with your program (newly registered student - Feb 2012) Just checked out your site - I like the idea (website visitor - Jan 2012)
Federal student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion and $103 billion of that is in default. (source: Washington Free Beacon 09/21/2015)
Student FAQ
Obtaining an education can be an expensive experience! Sometimes obtaining a loan (or loans) is the only way to make it through school. StudentLoanList may help you with your debt.
Will my name be released?
The StudentLoanList is designed so that the student identification is anonymous and not disclosed. Confidentiality is strived for but cannot be guaranteed due to the usual risks associated with using the internet.

Is there a fee to register on the StudentLoanList?
Yes, the fee is $10.00 for three years (less than a penny a day).

Are there any monthly fees associated with listing my information on the StudentLoanList?
No, there are no monthly fees.

If someone donates, how will I get the money ?
Donations (minus a  6% fee if paid by credit card) will be sent to the holder of your student loan. Your funds will be applied to reduce your student loan debt. Please note, if a donor opts to mail a check for the donation, 100% of the donation will be sent to your student loan account.  

Why the secrets? Why is everything here about anonymous students and anonymous donors?
Your student loan debt is nothing to be ashamed of, but do you want your parents, Professors, best friend or ex-friend  to know about your finances ? For most people the answer is no. Also, when our donors look at the listings they have no idea of your  religion or ethnicity. We think that is a good thing because it will attract donors that truly want to help a student. Students wont have to worry about strangers  contacting them because they saw you on this website.

I registered and paid the $10.00 fee but I can’t find myself on the StudentLoanList. Why?
The most common reason for a delay is that you have not submitted a copy of your student loan statement(s) or that we have not reviewed your information yet. When students register but do not send the supporting documentation, we say they have shydocumentitus. 

How will I know if  someone makes a payment on my account? 
StudentLoanList will notify you if someone makes a payment !  Also, the moneys paid will be reflected on your expanded profile.

If someone makes a payment on my account, can I find out who it was?
The name of the donor will not be released to you by the StudentLoanList. It is the intention of the StudentLoanList that the identity of the donor remain anonymous and is not disclosed.

Can I edit the information that I submit?

Can I review site statistics to see if my profile is being viewed?
The web guys are working on that, and hopefully in the near future you will be able to see statistics for your profile.

Can I post a picture?
When and if your loan is paid off, your status will change to “paid off” and you may submit a picture of yourself. The web guys are also working to perfect that aspect of the website.

Can I register without submitting my loan statement?
Yes, you can register, but your listing will not be “active” on the StudentLoanList until you submit proof of your student loan debt.

You want a copy of my loan statement ? That seems rather personal !
Yes, it is personal. But we need to see it for a couple of reasons.1) It allows us to tell potential donors that we believe your debt is authentic  2) It confirms your account number and the mailing address of your lender, which we will need if you should get a donation.

I dont want anyone to know that I am in default. Should I skip that question when I register?
Honest answers are best.  

If I decide I don’t want to be on the StudentLoanList can I be removed?
Yes, your listing can be removed.

Can I get a refund?
No, we do not give refunds.

If I register and put my information on the website, will someone make a payment on my school

During 2010 Americans donated  $290 billion to charity. As the student loan crisis worsens, it just makes sense that Americans will consider student loan debt as something that they will want to donate to. So, the answer is that we don't know, but we hope so. 

Who do I contact if I still have unanswered questions?
Send your e mail to:  . Someone from our team will respond promptly.

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