Having trouble making your payments ? A recent study by the Institute for Higher Education Policy found that nearly two thirds of student borrowers have trouble making their monthly loan payments. (The Project on Student Debt, May 16, 2011)

Nearly 70% of bachelor’s degree recipients leave school with debt, according to the White House, and that could have major consequences for the economy. (Source MarketWatch 1/19/2016)
Awesome! Thanks for having this website, anything always helps! (email from student who just got a donation)
I am choosing to go with your program (newly registered student - Feb 2012) Just checked out your site - I like the idea (website visitor - Jan 2012)
Federal student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion and $103 billion of that is in default. (source: Washington Free Beacon 09/21/2015)
Why List?

List your student debt on the StudentLoanList today because:

  •         You can't seem to get your budget to balance
  •         Student loan debt is causing you stress
  •          Too much debt !
  •          Registration cost is less than a penny a day
  •          You didn't get that high paying job you dreamed of
  •          You are working, but making way less than you expected
  •          You just plain need help
  •          You can request help without the risk of embarrassment
  •          You are struggling financially every month 
  •          You thought you could afford the payments, but you can't
  •          Student loan payments for the next 20 years is scary
  •          Student loan debt is really depressing





Americans like to help others and during 2010 charitable donations in the United States amounted to more than $290 billion. Stephen Colbert recently raised over a million dollars in donations for his super PAC, and he wasnt even a politicial canditate !   When you  register on the StudentLoanList   you can ask for assistance paying your student loan debt while remaining anonymous!  Prospective donors  can browse the website and look for students that they would like to assist based on several different factors.
Getting an education is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t come free! For most students it doesn’t take long to find out how easy it is to obtain student loans. The loans help you get through school, but they don’t seem so great when you graduate and have to start making those monthly payments. 

The amount of student loan debt gets bigger every year. Mark Kantrowitz ( and recently wrote "The student loan debt load now outpaces credit card debt and the average 2011 college graduate carries $27,200 in student debt"(Huffington Post, August 9, 2011).

  The StudentLoanList is easy for students and donors to use, and the cost for student registration is very affordable at just  $10 for 3 years... that’s less than a penny a day!  What else can you buy for $10 that will last 3 years?

Registering on the StudentLoanList only take a few minutes of your time.  To learn how to list your loans  click here . The StudentLoanList is a new and unique website, and we look forward to growing into the biggest and best website that gives students a place to ask for help with their debt.

The StudentLoanList does not guarantee that a donor will make a payment on your student loan if you register with the StudentLoanList. However, if you don’t register - your profile won’t be on the list and you won’t have the opportunity to benefit from this unique website. Get on the list !   

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