1 in 8 borrowers have more than $50,000 in student debt
USA Today 7/1/2013
Over the past 10 years the cost of private college has jumped more than 60%, nearly three times as much as incomes over the same period, and will now set you back $42,000 a year on average. (Money magazine, September 2011. "Stop the Tuition Madness")
1.1 TRILLION Appproximate amount of outstanding student loan debt USA Today 7/1/2013
Thanks so much ! I appreciate it greatly ! (e mail from student who was notified of donation)
Awesome! Thanks for having this website, anything always helps! (e mail from student who just got a donation)
Average outstanding balance for a borrower with student loan debt $27,547 USA Today 7/1/2013
Our Story
About SLL

The StudentLoanList was designed so that donors who want to contribute a payment toward a students education loan can do so anonymously and with the knowledge that  their payment will be applied toward the individual students school loan debt.

Crowdfunding works in other areas, why not student loan debt? 

Potential donors can scroll thru the listing of students based on search criteria such as the school attended, major field of study, amount of debt and other items.

Many student loans that go into default become the burden of the United States Government, so making payments on the student loans (or paying loans off) may even help improve the bottom line of the United States budget.

The StudentLoanList was officially launched during December of 2011 and students were asking about signing up even before the site was officially announced.

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